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Within The Ruins "Halfway Human" CD

Within The Ruins "Halfway Human" CD

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WITHIN THE RUINS push the borders of genre (once again) and show that there are no boundaries in art. With their previous releases (Creature, 2009; Invade, 2010; Elite, 2013; Phenomena, 2014) they've already shown that there is no definition for their music and that they've created an absolutely individual progressive metal sound.
The new album "Halfway Human" is a super-strength strike against complacency and conformity. Vocalist Tim Goergen, bassist/clean vocalist Paolo Galang and the band's co-founders - guitarist/producer Joe Cocchi and drummer Kevin "Drummer" McGuill - cast aside any fear of how WITHIN THE RUINS my be perceived by letting their creative impulses take over. WITHIN THE RUINS sound raw, re-energized and angry, with a deliciously dark sarcastic bite and attitude. They've jettisoned the more sterile clinician approach prevalent in the genre, having already taken the perfected super produced sound past its limits before. Particularly in songwriting they've climbed to new heights with the juxtaposed singing of Tim Goergens shouts and Paolo Galangs cleans. But make no mistake, of course. WITHIN THE RUINS are still monstrously crushing, with huge riffs galore.

(release date: March 3rd, 2017)

01. Shape-Shifter
02. Death of the Rockstar
03. Beautiful Agony
04. Incomplete Harmony
05. Bittersweet
06. Objective Reality
07. Absolution
08. Ivory Tower
09. Sky Splitter
10. Ataxia IV
11. Treadstone
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