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Wishbone Ash "Coat Of Arms" CD

Wishbone Ash "Coat Of Arms" CD

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CD in jewel case.

Coat Of Arms sounds stylistically diverse and technically accomplished, yet the new album is typical of Wishbone Ash’s traditional strengths – a balancing act that is a challenge to Powell every time: “Following the countless songs that we have written throughout the history of Wishbone Ash, my own expectations are extremely high. On the one hand as a composer you try not to repeat yourself in your creative output but to come up with new ideas all the time, on the other you want to remain faithful to your style. Good songs need an inner conviction and the right inspiration. We had both when we started working on Coat Of Arms. You’d be right in describing the current line-up as the best in the history of Wishbone Ash. We all love our lives as musicians, the direct contact with our fans, travelling, the shows, our songs. It’s that commitment by everybody involved that you hear in every single note on Coat Of Arms.”

(release date: May 02nd, 2023)

01. We Stand As One
02. Coat Of Arms
03. Empty Man
04. Floreana
05. Drive
06. It's Only You I See
07. Too Cool For AC
08. Back In The Day
09. Deja Vu
10. When The Love Is Shared
11. Personal Halloween
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