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Walking Dead On Broadway "Dead Era" CD

Walking Dead On Broadway "Dead Era" CD

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“DEAD ERA” is the name of their third studio record which is about twitching skeletons in the closet of history, which ultimately never were dead and drops in September via Long Branch Records worldwide. “DEAD ERA” is a synonym for their musical evolution because of the deathcore roots of the band. This chapter will be closed with this album.

(release date: September 28th, 2018)

01. Dead Era
02. Red Alert
03. Hostage To The Empire
04. Our Labour, Our Idol, Our Pride
05. Punish The Poor
06. Gospel Of The Kingdom
07. Song Of Courage
08. The Fire Never Lies
09. Anti-Partisan
10. Standstill
11. Dead End Utopia
12. Your God Is A Tyrant
13. Benevolent Warfare

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