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Vlk "Solastalgia I" CD

Vlk "Solastalgia I" CD

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CD in digipak.

"Solastalgia I" is a concept album and the first part of a trilogy. Solastalgia is a made-up word, formed from Latin (solacium – consolation) and ancient Greek (algos – pain), which was first used by environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht in the 2000s. Solastalgia refers to the pain and grief of losing our environment: emotions driving to despair, which we bring upon ourselves through our greed and hubris. As a result, the climate and biodiversity crises are intensifying the destruction of the environment and nature. The album is an artistic reflection and processing of the loss of home, the wealth and diversity of nature, and the livelihoods of all life, which ultimately lead to destruction, agonizing death, and extinction. A dystopian outlook and a warning for the present at the same time. The trilogy is accompanied by short stories by Wolf-Georg Zaddach as well as photos and images by the artist Sara Zaddach.

(release date: January 26th, 2024)

01. Extinction
02. Indigenuity
03. Interlude, Reflect
04. Ballad Of The Sorrowful
05. Extinction
06. Loca Inferna

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