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Virgin Steele "Virgin Steele I - The Anniversary Edition" LP

Virgin Steele "Virgin Steele I - The Anniversary Edition" LP

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Two black vinyls in gate fold.

David DeFeis has included an additional moniker to this re-release he calls it…”The Anniversary Edition”, for he has completely re-mixed the album start to finish from the original multi-tracks. He states, ”I added that additional title because one, this is indeed a very special re-issue. And two…this is a celebration. Every song on the album has been lovingly restored, with faith, heart & Steele. Incredibly for the most part the original multi-track tapes held up quite well, but now and again some creative decisions had to be made, which not only did not at all hinder the record’s resurrection, but in the end actually resulted in making the album stronger, and the songs even more interesting. The original fire has been kept…enhanced, and sonically there is greater definition all around. You can really appreciate the explosive performances from everyone. It’s like being back in the studio the day it was recorded. In addition to the inclusion of the early demos, we were also able to include several new bonus tracks including a new thrashing doom type song called HELL FROM BEYOND THE STARS, plus an alternate version of THE FIRE GOD, and a new over the top version of the song VIRGIN STEELE (New Orchestral Version)”. 
Those like myself who have been privy to a preview of this blazing first album, can attest that the sonic experience has been greatly improved. If raw, rip-roaring high octane metal is your thing, grab a copy of this one at your very first opportunity.

(release date: August 23rd, 2024)

01. MINUET IN G MINOR - (Anniversary Re-mix)
02. DANGER ZONE - (Anniversary Re-mix)  
03. AMERICAN GIRL - (Anniversary Re-mix)
04. DEAD END KIDS - (Anniversary Re-mix)      
05. DRIVE ON THRU - (Anniversary Re-mix)
06. LOTHLORIEN (Orchestral Version) - (Anniversary Re-mix)
07. STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU - (Anniversary Re-mix)  
08. CHILDREN OF THE STORM - (Anniversary Re-mix)
09. PICTURES ON YOU - (Anniversary Re-mix)  
10. PULVERIZER - (Anniversary Re-mix)
11. LIVING IN SIN - (Anniversary Re-mix)
12. VIRGIN STEELE - (Anniversary Re-mix)
13.THE LESSON (DEMO) - (Anniversary Re-mix)
14.LIFE OF CRIME (DEMO) - (Anniversary Re-mix)
15.BURN THE SUN (DEMO) - (Anniversary Re-mix)
17. THE FIRE GOD - (New Alternate Version Bonus Track)
18.VIRGIN STEELE - (New Orchestral Version Bonus Track)

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