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Vardis "100M.P.H.@100CLUB" CD-Bundle "100"

Vardis "100M.P.H.@100CLUB" CD-Bundle "100"

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The bundle comes with the Vardis "100M.P.H.@100CLUB" CD and the "100" Shirt (M, L, XL, or XXL).

Two CDs in digipak.

Friday 13th March 2020: the true enormity of Covid19 was not apparent, but an uncanny atmosphere was palpable everywhere. With live venues still open in England, and rockers from all over Europe assembled on Oxford Street London, Vardis would play. For two hours, ‚100 Club’ escaped a troubled World, and the energy forged that night by Steve Zodiac (Guitar) Joe Clancy (Drums) and Roly Bailey (Bass) with a brilliant crowd was captured for a 2021 double live album.

(release date: November 26th, 2021)

01. Out Of The Way
02. Steaming Along
03. Paranoia Strikes
04. Situation Negative (Boogie Blitz)
05. Red Eye
06. Dirty Money
07. Mods & Rockers
08. Don't Mess
09. Shoot Straight
10. Move Along

01. Destiny
02. The Lion's Share
03. Radio Rockers
04. The Loser
05. Head Of The Nail
06. Jolly Roger
07. Let's Go Again
08. 100mph (I won't Go To Hell)
09. If I Were King
10. Living Out Of Touch (encore)


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