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Valis Ablaze "Boundless" CD

Valis Ablaze "Boundless" CD

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Valis Ablaze "Boundless" CD in Digipak.

Although wearing their influences clearly on their sleeves, VALIS ABLAZE provide an intriguing alternative to the progressive metal norm; swells of creative ingenuity shine throughout, as well as thought out details and subtle complexities that will keep the listener returning again and again. With their debut full-length, VALIS ABLAZE present an even more refined sound: low end grooves juxtaposed with soaring vocal lines, crisp milton-cleans and atmospheric synths, all driven by intricate rhythm work and growling bass. A huge spectrum of energy, emotion, power and beauty.

(release date: April 6th, 2018)

01. Afterlight
02. The Crossing
03. Lumen
04. Evade
05. Hex
06. The Static Between Us
07. Signals
08. Faster Than Light (feat. Sithu Aye)
09. Frequency (feat. Drewsif Stalin)
10. Paradox
11. Reflections (feat. Reece Fullwood)
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