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Unprocessed "Covenant" CD

Unprocessed "Covenant" CD

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Unprocessed "Covenant" CD in Jewelcase.

“COVENANT” is a concept album that displays the inner universe of a human being, who strives and seeks for answers in a cryptic world.
His travels start with a vision of a colourful paradise (“HAVEN”), then lead his way through encounters with a female demon by name “GHILAN”, who tries to seduce him with sweet singings, but then forces him to escape his death and flee into an underwater world described in “Malleable”. All these events are not only described lyrically but also set to music by the instrumental work on the record. Insanely fast palm muted, chugged guitar-riffs and shredding solos meet soundscapes from another dimension, guttural vocals are contrasted by lucid and melodic clean singing. A sharp bass tone and groovy, yet detail oriented drum-lines form a massive rhythm section and add a lot of pressure to the record. Summarized “COVENANT” embodies a brand new, progressive approach that breaks the boundaries of todays genre-systems.

(release date: April 13th, 2018)

01. Covenant
02. Haven
03. Ghilan
04. Malleable
05. Millenium
06. The Division
07. The Mirror
08. Meridian
09. Exhale
10. Exeunt
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