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Turbokill "Vice World" LP

Turbokill "Vice World" LP

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Red with black swirls vinyl in slip sleeve + CD in paper sleeve.

TURBOKILL is not missing a beat with Vice World on a thematic level, either: ‘Global Monkey Show’ illustrates the general theme of the album lyrics. “I always felt that, as a Metal musician, it is my duty to question our seemingly flawless society”, Dietrich explains. “‘Global Monkey Show’ deals with our spending spree, our inflationary mentality of ‘buy, buy, buy’ which we criticize, if in an ironic way.” The same goes for ‘Track N’ Spy’ where TURBOKILL asks the question to what extent being always reachable by smartphone will make us not only mentally dependent but turn us into transparent citizens. “Everyone is permanently available but that means we can also be constantly monitored. Do we really want that?”, Dietrich asks.

(release date: October 25th, 2019)

01. The Grand Delusion
02. Vice World
03. War Thunder
04. Pulse Of The Swarm
05. Global Monkey Show
06. Sail With Pirates
07. Turbokill
08. Kill The Lie
09. Don't Deal With The Devil
10. Track N' Spy
11. End Of Days
12. Fortress Of The Universe


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