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The Unity "The Unity" LP

The Unity "The Unity" LP

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Two black vinyls in gatefold + CD in paper sleeve.

Every note of their eponymously titled debut album oozes the great creative potential of all band members: powerful numbers such as the fast and tough ´Rise And Fall` and the grooving ´No More Lies` with its dynamic guitar riff and melodious chorus are just as symptomatic for the group’s unbridled energy as the slow, doom-laden ´God Of Temptation` which features a latent Black Sabbath flair thanks to its distinctive guitar hook. In addition, there are unusual tracks which lend the album its special note. ´Close To Crazy`, for example, lives up to its “crazy” title and puts the pedal to the metal throughout its barely three minutes playing time. By contrast, there’s ´Never Forget`, the recording’s most melodic and catchy song featuring a chorus completely in major key, an anthemnic vocal line and atmospheric keyboard parts that virtually live up to Journey standards. In line with this is the lyric which sees THE UNITY confess to their own origins and to the music they grew up with.

(release date: May 05th, 2017

01. Rise And Fall
02. No More Lies
03. God Of Temptation
04. Firesign
05. Always Just You
06. Close To Crazy
07. The Wishing Well
08. Edens Fall
09. Redeemer
10. Super Distortion
11. Killer Instinct
12. Never Forget


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