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The Other "Fear Itself" CD

The Other "Fear Itself" CD

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There are phases in life which you want to leave behind as quickly as possible, as The Other know only too well. Although their album The Devils You Know and subsequent tour of Germany marked a major step in the right direction in 2012, the band surrounding frontman Rod Usher soon suffered a number of severe setbacks: Usher & Co. found themselves having to cope with two significant personnel changes – which also meant a 50% exodus of their former line-up, leaving Rod Usher and drummer Doc Caligari to their own devices. “Of course we asked ourselves: quo vadis?” Usher confesses, “but from the beginning Doc and I were determined to keep going, no matter what. Now we know that sometimes you have to wade through a vale of tears to create an atmosphere of departure.” The band owes its new-found optimism to Pat Laveau, Ben Crowe (both guitars) and Aaron Torn (bass). These are the new additions who have not only closed the gap brilliantly but have also made the band stylistically more diverse than ever before thanks to the conscious distribution of the guitar parts onto two pairs of shoulders. You want proof? All you have to do is listen to the new album Fear Itself, a dark grab bag packed with the most powerful horror punk worldwide, the way only The Other are capable of creating it. Usher: “Our new band members have contributed lots of ideas to the new album, so our musical range is more diverse than ever before.”

(release date: June 19th, 2015)

01. Fear Itself
02. Nie mehr
03. Bloodsucker
04. Black Sails Against A Midnight Sky
05. Dreaming Of The Devil
06. Doll Island - Isla de las Muñecas
07. German Angst
08. Screams In The Black House
09. In The Dark
10. The Price You Pay
11. Funeral March
12. Animal Instinct
13. Rise
14. Mephisto

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