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The Interbeing "Among The Amorphous" CD

The Interbeing "Among The Amorphous" CD

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The challenging second album has been underway for some time. Numerously all the songs have been under review due to the band‘s ultimate determination to perfect each track and the album as a whole. The result appears in the form of the visionary dystopian concept album „Among the Amorphous“. An album that lifts the bar in regards of storytelling and songwriting in the world of Technical Metal. The songs have a sinister David Lynch feel to it while the massive sections of polyrhythmic Meshuggah-inspired sonances envelop the listener. In conclusion the soundscape peaks with great evoking choruses that would even get Devin Townsend’s stamp of approval.

(release date: June, 23rd, 2017)

01. Spiral Into Existence
02. Deceptive Signal
03. Sins Of The Mechanical
04. Borderline Human
05. Purge The Deviant
06. Cellular Synergy
07. Enigmatic Circuits
08. Pinnacle Of The Strain
09. Sum Of Singularity
10. Among The Amorphous


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