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The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Anamnesis" CD+DVD

The Hirsch Effekt "Holon: Anamnesis" CD+DVD

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CD contains the re-release of "Holon: Anamnesis" in a Super Jewel Case plus a Bonus DVD.

HOLON:ANAMNESIS is the second part from The Hirsch Effekt's Holon-Trilogy, which began in 2010 with "Holon: Hiberno" and ended in 2015 with "Holon: Agnosie".

As the only german-speaking Album, "Holon: Anamnesis" has been chosen into the Top20 of all time by the readers of VISIONS. Right behind classics like Nirvanas „Nevermind“, Tools „Ænima“, The Mars Voltas „De-Loused In The Comatorium“ and Rage Against The Machines „Self-Titled“.

(release date: February 6th, 2016)

01. Anamnesis
02. Limerent
03. Absenz
04. Agitation
05. Ligaphob
06. Mara
07. Irrath
08. Ira
09. Datorie
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