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The Carburetors "Laughing In The Face Of Death" CD

The Carburetors "Laughing In The Face Of Death" CD

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CD in digipak.

The five-piece have compiled eleven songs on Laughing In The Face Of Death, ten brand-new original compositions and ‘Don’t Touch The Flame’, their contribution to the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest, which took them to the Norwegian national finals in 2012. Because that kind of thing is also possible for, and at the same time typical of, The Carburetors: nothing is taboo to them, they feel at ease in all kinds of situations. “Eurovision was a great experience for us, particularly since we didn’t have to bend over backwards but presented a typical Carburetors number,” drummer Chris Nitro explains. Reactions to their participation were unanimously positive and proved to the band that their music has definite mass appeal, so: “It’s our target to reach a broader audience with the new album and stress our live potential even more strongly.”

(release date: November 20th, 2015)

01. Hellfire
02. Lords Of Thunder
03. Don`t Touch The Flame
04. Water Into Wine
05. Blood For Blood
06. The Undertaker
07. The Wolves Are Gonna Howl Tonight
08. Bullet
09. Days Of Metal
10. Shot Full Of Noise
11. (Tonight We're Gonna) Die Like Heroes

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