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Supersuckers "Play That Rock N' Roll" CD

Supersuckers "Play That Rock N' Roll" CD

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CD in digipak.

“Ain't gonna stop until I stop it, ain't gonna let it go until I drop it,“ growls Eddie Spaghetti on the first track off the Supersuckers 13th studio album Play That Rock´n`Roll. Tracked over the course of four sweltering days at Willie Nelson’s Austin, TX studio, Play That Rock'n'Roll rocks with an amphetamine intensity, delivering muscular riffs, big choruses and more than a few tricks up its sleeve.
Raw, immediate and often times hilarious, Play That Rock'n'Roll is the album a band makes after slugging it out on the road for thirty years (barring a one year hiatus while Eddie battled throat cancer). No frills, no guest stars and no collaborations, the album earns the listener’s ear – the Supersuckers have lived this shit and you can feel it.

(release date: February 07th, 2020)

01. Ain't Gonna Stop (Until I Stop it)
02. Getting Into Each Other’s Pants
03. Deceptive Expectation
04. You Ain't The Boss Of Me
05. Bringing It Back
06. Play That Rock ‘ Roll
07. That’s A Thing
08. Last Time Again
09. Die Alone
10. Dead, Jail, Or Rock N' Roll
11. A Certain Girl
12. Ain’t No Day


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