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Sulpher "No One Will Ever Know" CD

Sulpher "No One Will Ever Know" CD

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CD in digipak.

Back in medieval times, sulphur was used in the fight against the plague. Later the chemical element was used in rubber processing and as a fire accelerant and explosives component. Rob Holliday likes to play with fire, too. Not only as a guitarist with cult acts such as Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy – the British vocalist and musician also likes to really let it rip with his own band Sulpher. Following a hiatus of several years, the alternative rock quartet from London has just completed its brand-new album: No One Will Ever Know, which highlights the groups sound in a more uncompromising and captivating way than ever before!

(release date: August 31st, 2018)

01. No One Will Ever Know
02. Follow You Down
03. Used
04. You Threw It All Away
05. Take A Long Hard Look
06. Didn't Ever
07. Nothing
08. Tomorrow
09. Fell Through
10. Feels Like The End

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