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Scarlet Dorn "Lack Of Light" CD

Scarlet Dorn "Lack Of Light" CD

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CD in digipak.

Together with Harms and Lawrenz, Scarlet has composed a multitude of atmospherically diverse songs, a full dozen of which feature on Lack Of Light. All those wanting to get an idea of the basic biometric data of her music should really listen to the album’s opening track ‘Heavy Beauty’ with its wide stylistic range, or to ‘Hold On To Me’, which presents Scarlet Dorn from their pop-oriented side. The duet with Chris Harms on ‘Love The Way You Say My Name’, which is based on the above-mentioned initial video clip, sees Scarlet reveal her penchant for ballads, while ‘Snow Black’ also features rough edges: the song challenges its listeners not only with its unconventional sound and unusual arrangement, but also with its bizarre interpretation of the popular Snow White story. Talking of which: Scarlet Dorn’s treatment of the original Cinderella theme on the same-named track isn’t exactly what you’d call squeamish either, their version having the story’s protagonist embark on a veritable vendetta.

(release date: August 31st, 2018)

01. Heavy Beauty
02. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
03. I'm Armageddon
04. Hold On To Me
05. Rain
06. Kill Bitterness With Love
07. Snow Black
08. I Don`t Know, I Don´t Care
09. Cinderella
10. I Love The Way You Say My Name (feat. Chris Harms)
11. Frozen Fire
12. In Another Life

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