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Scarlet Dorn "Blood Red Bouquet" CD

Scarlet Dorn "Blood Red Bouquet" CD

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CD in digipak.

"Blood Red Bouquet" was again produced in the legendary Chameleon Studios in Hamburg and while the new album finds its way to the store shelves, download and streaming platforms, the band is already busy with songwriting for the next creative output.

(release date: January 29th, 2021)

01. Scorched By A Flame So Dark
02. Back To The Ground
03. Proud And Strong (feat. Sven Friedrich of SOLAR FAKE)
04. Love Has No Colour But Love
05. One Day
06. Hope Is Here
07. I Suffocate
08. Are You Watching Me
09. True Love Is Mad
10. Forests
11. My Bionic Misery
12. Loss Of Gravity
13. Until The Waters Run Dry

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