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Rosy Vista "Unbelievable" CD

Rosy Vista "Unbelievable" CD

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CD in digipak.

Unbelievable consists of twelve songs (eleven originals plus one cover), six of them brand-new compositions penned by all four musicians together, plus five tracks from their 1985 EP, all of them updated and rerecorded, as well as a cover version of the Steppenwolf classic ‘Born To Be Wild’. Graterol: “We all agreed that the musical identity of the first Rosy Vista line-up should be continued and not be watered down by pseudo-contemporary trends. This kind of rock music is timeless anyway and isn’t subject to any trends or fashions. Of course, we're much better today in technical terms, and thanks to modern studio technology the sound on Unbelievable is state-of-the-art. We had a lot of fun with everything you hear on this album, which is why it sounds totally authentic.”

(release date: February 08th, 2019)

01. Crazy
02. Sadistic Lover
03. Master Of Control
04. Too Much Feeling
05. Tables Are Turned
06. Until I’m Satisfied
07. Hopatina
08. Poor Rosy
09. Sound Of Your Love
10. Rockin' Through The Night
11. Changin' My Mind
12. Born To Be Wild


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