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Rising Insane "Wildfires" LP

Rising Insane "Wildfires" LP

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Marbled white & black vinyl in slip sleeve.

Rising Insane's fourth studio album "Wildfires" takes an in-depth look at the consequences of our collective abstinence from empathy and challenges listeners to ignite their inner flame for change. It is an urgent call to break out of the darkness. While Rising Insane remain true to their post-hardcore and metalcore roots on "Wildfires", the band has evolved both collectively and individually, which is clearly reflected in the new and fresh sound.

(release date: August 23rd, 2024)

01. Reign
02. Monster
03. Lighthouse
04. Malicious
05. Bet On Me
06. Warning
07. Counting Regrets (Interlude)
08. Carousel
09. Burn
10. The Door
11. Wildfires

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