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Rendezvous Point "Universal Chaos" LP

Rendezvous Point "Universal Chaos" LP

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Magenta Vinyl in slip sleeve.

Rendezvous Point delivers a fierce and hard-hitting energy bomb in the realm of progressive metal. With highly educated and skilled musicians, they are able to push the boundaries within the genre, creating a larger than life sounding experience for the listener as well as for themselves. With heavy drums, rumbling bass, raw guitars, large synthesizer sounds and powerful vocals, they explore new areas of the genre, daring to expand upon that which is already there. After releasing their critically acclaimed debut album “Solar Storm” in 2015, they shaked the progressive metal scene, shocking the audience and reviewers with their tight, solid and heavy live performance. Rendezvous Point is now ready with their second studio album, taking their music to an even higher level. “Universal Chaos” continues the bands' playfulness with advanced rhythms and sonic depth.

(release date: May 24th, 2019)

01. Apollo
02. Digital Waste
03. Universal Chaos
04. Pressure
05. The Fall
06. The Takedown
07. Unfaithful
08. Resurrection
09. Undefeated


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