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Night Demon "Live Darkness" CD

Night Demon "Live Darkness" CD

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Two CDs in digipak.

As any seasoned fan will tell you, Night Demon strike hardest and burn hottest in a live setting. Befitting their road-warrior reputation, the band have already logged well over 100 performances worldwide in support of Darkness Remains. In addition to headlining the Darkness over Europe tour and their first-ever dates in the U.K. and Ireland, Night Demon spent five weeks in Europe as direct support to the revered German metal masters Accept in early 2018. Furthermore, Night Demon stormed countless festival stages in key markets in the United States and Europe. From the unknown to the prestigious, the underground to the mainstream, the esoteric to the popular, Night Demon crushed them all. True to form, the band have compiled a rigorous concert itinerary for the remainder of 2018, including European and North American headlining tour dates and festival-circuit engagements.

(release date: August 10th, 2018)

01. Welcome to the Night
02. Full Speed Ahead
03. Ritual
04. Curse Of The Damned
05. Dawn Rider
06. Save Me Now
07. Hallowed Ground
08. Maiden Hell
09. Mastermind
10. On Your Own
11. Life On The Run

CD 2
01. The Howling Man
02. Black Widow
03. Ancient Evil
04. Satan
05. Evil Like A Knife
06. Stranger In The Room
07. Screams In The Night
08. Flight Of The Manticore
09. The Chalice
10. Darkness Remains
11. Heavy Metal Heat
12. Night Demon


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