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Mob Rules "Celebration Day - 30 Years Of Mob Rules" CD

Mob Rules "Celebration Day - 30 Years Of Mob Rules" CD

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Two CDs in digipak.

Northern German melodic power metallers Mob Rules are celebrating their 30th anniversary. Time to let it rip! With "Celebration Day - 30 Years Of Mob Rules", the band around singer Klaus Dirks releases a compilation that could hardly have become more extensive and of higher quality. With over 150 minutes of playing time (spread over two CDs), the capacity of the medium is stretched to the limit with 30 hand-picked songs, including not only obvious band classics such as "Black Rain", "Hollowed Be Thy Name" and "Rain Song", but also songs that have previously been less in the spotlight.

(release date: May 03rd, 2024)


CD 1
01. Way Of The World
02. Run To The Hills
03. Fame
04. Square Hammer
05. Ghost Town
06. Sacred Heart
07. Ghost Of A Chance
08. Hollowed Be Thy Name
09. Sinister Light
10. Black Rain
11. Ice & Fire
12. Somerled
13. Flag Of Life
14. Unholy War
15. Fuel To The Fire

CD 2
01. Raven's Flight
02. Hymn Of The Damned
03. Lord Of Madness
04. Evolution's Falling
05. Shores Ahead
06. Hydrophobia
07. Hold Back The Light
08. Tele Box Fool
09. Desperate Son
10. The Sirens
11. Better Morning
12. Trial By Fire
13. On The Edge
14. Rain Song
15. Dykemaster's Tale

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