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M.I.N.E "Unexpected Truth Within" CD

M.I.N.E "Unexpected Truth Within" CD

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CD in digipak.

May 2018 will see the arrival of M.I.N.E’s debut album Unexpected Truth Within. Composed by all three band members, the album proves that the mix of Meyn’s charismatic voice, his two band colleagues Hinkel and Schmalbach’s musical, compositional and production skills and all three band members’ keen sense of haunting melodies and gritty arrangements works all the way. Among the twelve new tracks, there will be the odd number that would also have suited Camouflage. Meyn: “If I listen to a song like ´Dangerous`, I can see a number of parallels. On the one hand it brings to mind ´Road To Nowhere` by Talking Heads, only our song sounds more demanding, darker and more mysterious compared to that monotonous 80s flair.” The same applies to ´Things We´ve Done` with its spherical electro vibe and pulsating groove.”

(release date: May 25th, 2018)

01. The One
02. Same But Different
03. MeOrMy
04. Undone
05. Things We´ve Done
06. Lean On
07. Wonder
08. Dangerous
09. White Trash
10. Reach Out
11. A World Without A Smile
12. Leave And Let Go

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