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Magnum "Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies" CD+DVD

Magnum "Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies" CD+DVD

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Limited CD in digipak + bonus DVD.

Sacred Blood – Divine Lies closes with a song which surprised even Clarkin. “I liked the general sound of ´Don’t Cry Baby` from the start,” he remarks. “Although I initially didn’t have a lyric, the melody kept going through my head, as well as the chorus with acoustic and e-guitars plus piano. We even kept the drums from the demo version because our drummer Harry James liked them so much. He said: ´I love it the way it is. We shouldn’t change a thing about it.”

(release date: 26.02.2016)

01. Sacred Blood, Divine Lies
02. Crazy Old Mothers
03. Gypsy Queen
04. Princess In Rags (The Cult)
05. Your Dreams Won`t Die
06. Afraid Of The Night
07. A Forgotten Conversation
08. Quiet Rhapsody
09. Twelve Men Wise And Just
10. Don't Cry Baby

01. Sacred Blood, Divine Lies (bonus video)
02. Crazy Old Mothers (bonus video)
03. Your Dreams Won't Die (bonus video)
04. Phantom Of Paradise Circus (bonus track)
05. Don`t Grow Up (bonus track)
06. No God Or Saviour (bonus track)


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