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Magnum "Here Comes The Rain" CD

Magnum "Here Comes The Rain" CD

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There are few great bands on our planet that you can infallibly identify within the first few bars of one of their songs. Their unique melodic skill, their tasteful instrumentation, the right balance of depth and catchiness, and then of course that charismatic voice: Magnum are Magnum! The same can be said of their latest studio album ‘Here Comes The Rain’, proving once again that classic rock music could hardly sound more atmospheric.

(release date: January 12th, 2024)

01. Run into the Shadows
02. Here Comes the Rain
03. Some Kind of Treachery
04. After the Silence
05. Blue Tango
06. The Day He Lied
07. The Seventh Darkness
08. Broken City
09. I Wanna Live
10. Borderline

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