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Lacrimas Profundere "Bleeding The Stars" CD

Lacrimas Profundere "Bleeding The Stars" CD

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„You must have chaos within you, to give birth to a dancing star” (Friedrich Nietzsche). That must have been what the Schmid brothers had in mind when Christopher (former vocalist, and still songwriter and indispensable asset of the band) came up with the title and cover of their new album “Bleeding The Stars”. But rising from the ashes also meant a new vocalist had to be found for Lacrimas Profundere. That’s when Olly remembered a young talented guy by the name of Julian Larre. “I initially wanted to have a vocalist in Germany to remain flexible, but I just fell in love with that voice, so in the end I probably would have flown the guy in from Alaska. He sounds just like my brother did 20 years ago and can handle the hard vocals”, Oliver Schmid tells us. And laughing, he adds: “And anyway, it fits in with my concept of running this band without bounds and borders”. Producer Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner (Powerwolf, Aborted) completed a team that made the impossible possible: weaving a thread between their death-doom past and their rocky chart albums present. 12 new songs were created this way, full of new elements, classic goth rock or heavy doom. Want to take a stroll among the stars in the dark of night? Why not, all you have to do is press “play” and enjoy the accompanying soundtrack – with “Bleeding The Stars”!

(release date: July 26th, 2019)

01. I Knew And Will Forever Know
02. Celestite Woman
03. The Kingdom Solicitude
04. Mother Of Doom
05. Father Of Fate
06. Like Screams In Empty Halls
07. The Reaper
08. After All Those Infinities
09. A Sip Of Multiverse
10. A Sleeping Throne

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