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Klaus Schulze "Shadowlands" LP

Klaus Schulze "Shadowlands" LP

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Three vinyls in gatefold.

“Shadowlands” was the 41st release for electronic/synthesized music pioneer Klaus Schulze. “Shadowlands” contains five tracks and as we've come to expect from Schulze, look for plenty of mind expanding explorations into space and loads of calming tranquility. The near 57 minute "The Rhodes Violin" offers up soothing, at times fluttering synth washes, brief spoken word vocals, and a myriad of ethnic Middle Eastern instruments. The epic title track opts for more menace, and will remind some of the early Tangerine Dream material, complete with ominous synth & Mellotron sounds plus those Middle Eastern influences. You'll even find some intriguing space rock mixed with programmed dance rhythms on the intriguing "In Between", but most fans enjoyed the odd chanting and bleak atmosphere of "Tibetan Loop" much, which is easily the best track here.

(release date: December 14th, 2018)

01. Shadowlights Part #1
02. Shadowlights Part #2
03. In between
04. Licht und Schatten
05. Tibetan Loops

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