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Klaus Schulze "Moonlake" LP

Klaus Schulze "Moonlake" LP

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Three vinyls in gatefold.

There is a noticeable focus on percussion on “Moonlake” (originally released in 2005), which hasn’t been found on Schulze’s albums for some time. While rhythm was often used as an element to supplement the music on his earlier albums, it takes on a more dominant role on “Moonlake”.
The album also marks the introduction of Schulze playing the Mini-Moog (with distortion and Wah-Wah!) in the studio for the first time. Previously Schulze had only ever used this set up live on stage.

(release date: December 14th, 2018)

01. Playmate in Paradise Part #1
02. Playmate in Paradise Part #2
03. Artemis in Jubileo
04. Same thoughts
05. Lion
06. Mephisto

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