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Kid Dad "In A Box" LP

Kid Dad "In A Box" LP

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The LP Edition comes with white vinyl including a download code.

In A Box is ambiguous. Is the box your prison or your hiding place? Do you get claustrophobic when you think about sitting in a noiseless, random, dark box or do you even wish to be in such a place?

People cannot be divided or sorted on this question. It is the moments, the feelings, the actions that make everyone react and feel differently. Torn between fear and longing, we tell each of you what we feel and how diverse we feel with this album. We are not linear, easy to calculate or predictable. We are individual people who react individually. Nobody is allowed to determine what to be afraid of and what to look forward to. Nobody except you. You don‘t know everything about yourself - neither do we. You may even sometimes wonder why you are just the way you are - we too. You are not alone and this album is meant to help you understand that.

(release date: August 21st, 2020)

1. [ ]
2. A Prison Unseen
3. Happy
4. Limbo
5. [I Wish I Was] On Fire
6. What You Call A Dream
7. Window
8. The Wish Of Being Alone
9. Naked Creatures
10. Your Alien
11. Live With It


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