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Kid Dad "Bloom" CD-EP

Kid Dad "Bloom" CD-EP

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CD in cardboard sleeve.

Bloom consists of different genres - but mostly pop. The songs are all melody-related that would work whether played acoustically, on the piano, electronically or in a choir. The attention to detail is shown by a completely song-oriented way of working. The roles within the band have been broken up further, which enables a smooth, differentiated and exciting EP. Above all, a lot of attention was placed on the synthesizers and backing vocals, which leads to a more modern, open and warm sound. Although the songs are so different in terms of songwriting, production and emotion, as a whole they seem like a sophisticated combination of modernity and intuitive independence.

(release date: December 10th, 2021)

1 Apartment
2 As Soon As America
3 Wire & Guns
4 Boat
5 Hello?


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