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Julia Marcell "Skull Echo" CD

Julia Marcell "Skull Echo" CD

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Julia Marcell is a singer-songwriter living between Berlin and Warsaw. Her upcoming album „Skull Echo“, recorded with producer Michael Haves, features a huge, cinematic sound, sweeping pop melodies and futuristic production, but the subject matter is very intimate and emotional.
It‘s a record about loneliness, about a singular perspective we‘re trapped in, that perhaps gets in the way of our ability to communicate with each other.

Julia about the project: „Skull Echo is a story about time, perception and loneliness. About heads in which we are trapped, building our image of the world through our senses - full of uncertain information, selectively remembered and freely transformed. It is a story of longing for another person.“

(release date: May 08th, 2020)

01. Cerebral Bliss
02. Infinity Halt
03. Time
04. Nostalgic
05. The Odds
06. Which Way Is Now
07. Houses Of Glass
08. Understand Me
09. Mother
10. Life Is On Television
11. Skull Echo


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