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Hammercult "Built For War" CD+DVD

Hammercult "Built For War" CD+DVD

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CD in digipak + DVD.

Two years have passed since Israeli thrash metal act Hammercult released their album Steelcrusher. Two years during which not only the whole world but also the international metal scene have changed. Hammercult have stayed abreast of those changes: more than ever before, the band impress with their broad stylistic range, increasingly allowing – along with their unmistakable strengths – influences from the punk, hardcore and traditional heavy metal genres. The result is entitled Built For War, a true, intoxicating thrash metal manifesto with an inescapable knock-on effect. Hammercult’s latest release will be out on Steamhammer/SPV on 28 August 2015 (US: 4 September 2015), so you’d better mark the date in your diary.

(release date: August 28th, 2015)

01. From Parts Unknown (Intro)
02. Rise Of The Hammer
03. I Live For This Shit
04. Spoils Of War
05. Ready To Roll
06. Raise Some Hell
07. Blackened Blade
08. Let It Roar
09. Ode To Ares (Interlude)
10. Altar Of Pain
11. Blood And Fire
12. Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
13. Road To Hell

DVD - Live in Tel Aviv 2014
01. Hymn To The Steel
02. Steelcrusher
03. Diabolic Overkill
04. Metal Rules Tonight
05. Into Hell
06. Black Horseman
07. We Are Hammercult
08. Let The Angels Burn
09. Stealer Of Souls

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