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Gabi Delgado "2" CD

Gabi Delgado "2" CD

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Two CDs in digipak.

Delgado’s lyrics are appreciated to this day for their density, which has led many people to assume that they are the product of a long polishing process. But in fact he has always worked very intuitively, using words that go through his head and that he feels are ‘awesome’ and ‘sexy’ in a spontaneous kind of way. “There are senders and receivers,” Delgado defines the communication which he creates from those individual words and imperatives. “There are narrators who only raise questions. But that’s not what I like.”

(release date: August 14th, 2015)

01. NDKM
02. Hausarrest
03. Der Neue Stil
04. Astronaut
05. Geschichte
06. Gott Ist Tot
07. Dein Blick
08. Liebeslieder
09. Ich Bin So Froh
10. Begrüssungsgeld
11. Elektro Punk Kung Fu Meister
12. Festina
13. Musik
14. Nachtflug
15. Die Liebe
16. Viva La Droga Electronica
17. Zerstör Die Disco
18. Tiere
19. Regen
20. Untergrund
21. Casioparty
22. Flieg Mit Mir Davon
23. Kriegstanz
24. Angst
25. Dschungel
26. Bikini
27. Küss Mich
28. Im Honig
29. Monontones Elektronisches Hausklavier
30. Liebe, Sex Und Drogen
31. Leicht
32. Tanzen

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