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Frames "In Via" CD

Frames "In Via" CD

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Frames "In Via" CD.

"IN VIA" is the developmental follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album "mosaik". Complex songs full of little details make a rich, unique sound that grows and grows and is quintessentially Frames - totally instrumental and just outside the mainstream.
With a true players ease, huge guitar riffs turn into romantic melodies, driving drums travel through dark mists to find a ray of sunshine, soft piano sequences dance up an ever-building foundation until they form the perfect storm. Chapter for chapter, song for song, strings of emotion form a network to become personal stories - either real of fictional - where listeners can form an individual soundtrack for their own mental picture. The band's only goal - to give it a Frame.

(release date: April 20th, 2012)

01. Entrance 
02. Departure
03. Encounter
04. Calm Wisdom
05. Stir 
06. Reflections
07. Eris
08. Don't Stay Here
09. End Of A Decade
10. Coda

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