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Forgetting The Memories "Vemod" CD

Forgetting The Memories "Vemod" CD

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"Vemod", the second longplayer of the five Swedes, is a clear further development of the already known trademarks of the band and thus comes across even more intense than its predecessors. The ten tracks on the new album, which was mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Humanity's Last Breath), are lyrically haunting and deal with personal setbacks, world-weariness, anger and melancholy or wistfulness (="Vemod" in swedish).

Over the years, Forgetting The Memories have remained true to their particular style, yet have constantly evolved and defined themselves as a truly essential force within the genre.

(release date: September 24th, 2021)

01. Beneath The Creek
02. The Solstice Rebirth
03. The Lake
04. A Voice In The Static
05. Mask Ov Lies
06. Cowards Tongue
07. From Soot
08. Cursed Earth
09. Komma Skall
10. Trauma


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