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Long Branch Records

Forgetting The Memories "Known Darkness" EP

Forgetting The Memories "Known Darkness" EP

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Merging intricate headbangable rhythms with melodic choruses which will get you singing along in no time, Forgetting the Memories constructs a unique blend of death- and metalcore unrivaled in complexity and intensity.
"Monophobia", their first full-length release in 2016, was a sprawling labyrinth of fierce hard-pounding breakdowns and catchy choruses rife with meaningful lyrics, detailing deeply personal journeys through subjects like battling cancer, loosing a friend and heartache, making Forgetting The Memories music highly engaging.
Over the years Forgetting The Memories has stayed true to their particular style, yet constantly evolving, defining themselves as a truly essential force within the genre.

Stay tuned as Forgetting the memories reach new frontiers together with Long Branch Records and the new EP "Known Darkness".

(release date: August 23rd, 2019)

01. Laurentius
02. Fathomless
03. Heartfeeder
04. Soul Drift
05. Cult
06. Delirium


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