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Fargo "The Early Years (1979-1982)" 4 CDs

Fargo "The Early Years (1979-1982)" 4 CDs

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Four CDs in slip sleeve.

Fargo was one of Germany’s most important rock acts of the early 1980s, the Hanover-based band achieving true cult status on the strength of four studio releases between 1979 and 1982, and tours alongside AC/DC, Mothers Finest, and The Small Faces, among others. Following an extended hiatus, Fargo returned in 2016, bringing out two highly acclaimed studio albums and touring Germany and Switzerland several times. February 23rd, 2024 will see the re-release of their four early classics ‘Wishing Well’ (1979), ‘No Limit’ (1980), ‘Frontpage Lover’ (1981), and ‘F’ (1982) (out on Steamhammer/SPV).
‘The Early Years’ will be available as a premium 4-CD box set including photos and liner notes, as well as vinyl discs with printed inner sleeves. All four albums have been remastered, their debut ‘Wishing Well’ also having been remixed.

(release date: February 23, 2024)

CD 1 "Wishing Well"
01. More Of Your Life
02. Little Smile
03. Silent Summernight
04. What Do You Feel
05. Blue Eyes
06. What Are You Doing
07. Born Under A Bad Sign
08. Fun Is Not Enough
09. Highway
10. A Kiss In The Rain
11. When The Show Is Over

CD 2 "No Limit"
01. Just The Music
02. Soul Survivor
03. Hot Nights
04. I'm A Loser
05. Walking In The Moonlight
06. Take It Easy
07. Get Up
08. The Last

CD 3 "Frontpage Lover"
01. Frontpage Lover
02. A Girl Like A Trigger
03. Sunmaker
04. 27 Hours A Day
05. Arrows In The Wind
06. Tokyo
07. Angel
08. Little Miss Mystery
09. Take Saeix
10. Wheel Of Fortune

CD 4 "F"
01. F
02. Here We Are
03. Squeeze Me
04. Feel Like Dancing
05. No Trouble
06. Plastic Chicks
07. The Tide Is Turning
08. Be My Brother
09. My Sweet Darling
10. Aphrodite Women
11. Hard Attack

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