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Edenbridge "The Great Momentum" LP

Edenbridge "The Great Momentum" LP

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Two golden vinyls in gatefold + CD in paper sleeve.

The album’s amazing energy is only one of a whole number of quality features that make The Great Momentum stand out. At its epicentre are nine awesome songs penned by Lanvall, each one of them consisting of anthemnic melodic metal and all of them potentially addictive. ´Shiantara` with its metal guitars and bombastic chorus was inspired by the sci-fi series ´Star Trek` and is a perfect opener. No less impressive is the first single release with the programmatic title ´The Moment Is Now`, but also the extraordinarily orchestrated ´A Turnaround In Art`, which also more than lives up to its title. The Great Momentum closes with a more than twelve-minute opus entitled ´The Greatest Gift Of All` which features every one of the band’s fortes: bombastic arrangements, sheer power, speed, but also great sensitivity and empathy. A perfect finale to a thoroughly diverse album.

(release date: February 17th, 2017)

01. Shiantara
02. The Die Is Not Cast
03. The Moment Is Now
04. Until The End Of Time
05. The Visitor
06. Return To Grace
07. Only A Whiff Of Life
08. A Turnaround In Art
09. The Greatest Gift Of All

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