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Edenbridge "Dynamind" Box

Edenbridge "Dynamind" Box

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Two CDs in a digipak, necklace, plectrum, button, sticker, and more.

Any band wanting to leave their mark in our fast-lived world needs first and foremost two things: compositional substance and consistency. After all, there are plenty of one-hit wonders in this industry, those overnight sensations with their artificial fast food-like products that frequently don’t even have the shelf-life of fresh fruit and veg. Edenbridge, on the other hand, has already proved their great musical potential, nine studio albums since their debut in 2000, in addition to a number of live recordings, DVDs and compilations speaking for themselves. Having said that, it’s surprising that the Austrian band surrounding vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher have once again succeeded in raising the bar for symphonic melodic metal even further with their latest album Dynamind. Composer and multi-instrumentalist Lanvall has produced another offering that’s ambitioned in every respect and will without a doubt go down in the band’s history as their toughest release to date.

(release date: October 25th, 2019)


01. The Memory Hunter
02. Live And Let Go
03. Where The Oceans Collide
04. The Other Side
05. All Our Yesterdays
06. The Edge Of Your World
07. Tauerngold
08. What Dreams May Come
09. The Last Of His Kind
10. Dynamind

01. The Memory Hunter (instrumental)
02. Live And Let Go (instrumental)
03. Where The Oceans Collide (instrumental)
04. The Other Side (instrumental)
05. All Our Yesterdays (instrumental)
06. The Edge Of Your World (instrumental)
07. Tauerngold (instrumental)
08. What Dreams May Come (instrumental)
09. The Last Of His Kind (instrumental)
10. Dynamind (instrumental)


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