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Domination Inc. "Memoir 414" LP

Domination Inc. "Memoir 414" LP

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Red vinyl in slip sleeve + CD in paper sleeve.

“The fundamental idea behind the album is based on the notion that things are not as simple as the distinction between black and white”, the drummer further explains. “However, we as humans have free choice and must pick which side we want to support. Art or creativity, in general, belong to the positive realm whereas the masses seem to revel in negativity. We think that you have to fight against the shit that occurs in your life because there is no other option if you think about it.” So eventually we are back in the familiar metal territory where it is all about self-empowerment and individualism, enabling you to take the proverbial bull by the horns through taking action instead of just talking.

(release date: August 23rd, 2019)

01. Cutting Edge
02. Day VIII Deus‘ Ignorance
03. The Sickening
04. Dark City
05. Dehumanized
06. Crux, Nux, Lux …
07. The Eye
08. Culling
09. Love Me Forever


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