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Die Krupps "Vision 2020 Vision" Box

Die Krupps "Vision 2020 Vision" Box

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Fan Box:
- Digipak edition of the album "Vision 2020 Vision" incl. bonus DVD "DIE KRUPPS live @ Wacken 2016"
- Exclusive DIE KRUPPS branded sunglasses in separate packaging
- Exclusive DIE KRUPPS branded t-shirt
- Exclusive DIE KRUPPS sticker
- Exclusive DIE KRUPPS photo card

“Vision 2020 Vision” is their latest masterpiece, a concept album: music, artwork and lyrics are inextricably linked, they fuel and cross-fertilize each other. The world of Engler and Dörper is monochromatic and grim, but the imminent world they see through their lens, ought to, and indeed must, frighten you. In all this, DIE KRUPPS’s themes are as topical and relevant as ever: “Extinction Time” and “Vision 2020 Vision” describe our world on the edge of the abyss. Chaos and violence rule the streets, governments are powerless. The great flood will come, wash everything away and leave nothing but darkness. “Alllies” and “Fuck You” are directed overseas; where egoism, borders and ruthlessness are dictated from the very top while Europe looks on passively, turning into a compliant minion. “Human” is a reckoning with the whole human race which has been regressing for several decades. Civilizations increasingly turn into hordes of wild, murderous barbarians.

(release date: November 15th, 2019)

01. Vision 2020 Vision
02. Welcome To The Blackout
03. Trigger Warning
04. Wolfen (Her Pack)
05. Extinction Time
06. The Carpet Crawlers
07. Fires
08. Obacht
09. DestiNation Doomsday
10. Alllies
11. Fuck You
12. Active Shooter Situation
13. Human

DVD “Live @ Wacken 2016”
01. Intro / The Damned
02. Dawning Of Doom
03. Isolation
04. Battle Extreme
05. Alive In A Glass Cage
06. To The Hilt
07. Metal Machine Music
08. Nazis Auf Speed
09. Fatherland
10. Bloodsuckers

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