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BlackRain "Untamed" LP

BlackRain "Untamed" LP

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Two black vinyls in gatefold.

‘Untamed’ convinces not only with its dynamic, very transparent sound, but also with the exquisite songwriting. “We haven't really changed anything fundamental, though,” Swan marvels over the creative inspiration. “We`ve always written the kind of songs we love ourselves. And since our line up hasn`t changed, we can`t really do anything different. Our goal is to keep getting better and hopefully one day write the perfect song. When one track is finished, we go on working with the mindset that the next one will be even better.”

(release date: November 25th, 2022)

01. Untamed
02. Kiss The Sky
03. Dawn Of Hell
04. All The Darkness
05. Demon
06. Summer Jesus
07. Set The World On Fire
08. Neon Drift
09. Blade Of Love
10. Raise Your Glass
11. Shut Down
12. The End


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