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Black-Bone "Blessing In Disguise" CD

Black-Bone "Blessing In Disguise" CD

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Blessing In Disguise is produced by Peter van Elderen, also known as guitarist and frontman of Peter Pan Speedrock, Black-Bone are set to prove what they’re made of. Be it on typical rock tracks like ‘Loaded – Weighted’, the programmatic ‘Never Too Loud’ or the first single release ‘Nothing But History’, on a brutal, no-holds-barred number such as ‘You Gotta Nerve’ or on the quiet track ‘Wrong’ (Stef: “A ballad is new for us, the fans will be surprised”) – the group’s musical direction and craftsmanship never fail to impress. “Although we see ourselves simply as a rock’n’roll band, our music is multi-layered and very dynamic,” Sven describes the current album. “And with the support of Peter van Elderen, we’ve succeeded in transferring the great energy of our live shows to the studio.” Mind you, these musicians have never lacked guts. “We know that it definitely can be a risk to be hell-bent on a professional career as rock musicians, but as they say – no risk no fun,” Steef explains the lyrics on Blessing In Disguise, which deal mainly with the experiences of recent years. So it’ll be exciting to see what the future will bring this promising band. The music industry holds challenges galore in store, but it obviously also knows the right answer: Black-Bone!

(release date: September 18th, 2015)

01. Nothing But History
02. Loaded - Weighted
03. Suïcide (Ain`t No Way Out)
04. Enemy
05. Wrong
06. Never Too Loud
07. Ashereah
08. You Gotta Nerve
09. Wasted Years
10. Save It For Tomorrow
11. Believe
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