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Battleaxe "Power From The Universe" LP

Battleaxe "Power From The Universe" LP

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Blue with black swirls vinyl in slip sleeve.

Battleaxe is a heavy metal band from Sunderland, England. As one of the notable bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, they started out with the name Warrior and morphed into Battleaxe sometime in early 1980. After playing around the area and honing their chops, they entered the studio to make the first album called "Burn This Town". The second album POWER FROM THE UNIVERSE was released in 1984 followed by a massive UK Tour with Saxon.

(release date: November 28th, 2014)

01. Chopper Attack
02. Metal Rock
03. Licence To Rock
04. Fortune Lady
05. Shout It Out
06. Over The Top
07. Power From The Universe
08. Make It In America


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