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Axel Rudi Pell "Diamonds Unlocked II" LP

Axel Rudi Pell "Diamonds Unlocked II" LP

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Two black vinyls in gatefold.

Pell had been flirting with the concept of “Diamonds Unlocked II” for two or three years, and he’s also aware of the vast number of cover versions currently floating on the Internet, which he sees as a challenge. Of course it depends on the selection and variety of the material, but first and foremost it is the transformation of each individual track that matters. The result is so outstanding that PELL is justly proud of his latest offering. “Without patting myself on the back too loudly – this is an album worth listening to from start to finish.” Instead of delivering every single note so that it sounds exactly like the original, a cover album should, above all, be fun. And entertain and inspire the listener, an audio algorithm which makes you get out the original versions or the whole back catalogue of the artists presented. In this respect, “Diamonds Unlocked II” is an offer that no self-respecting hard rock fan can refuse.

(release date: July 30th, 2021)

01. Der Schwarze Abt (Intro)
02. There’s Only One Way To Rock
03. Lady Of The Lake
04. She’s A Lady
05. Black Cat Woman
06. Room With A View
07. Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
08. Rock N’ Roll Queen
09. Paint It Black
10. I Put A Spell On You
11. Eagle


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