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Anvil "Pounding The Pavement" CD

Anvil "Pounding The Pavement" CD

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CD in digipak + poster.

Why has Pounding The Pavement turned into such an awesome offering? Kudlow’s explanation is simple: “The songwriting process started immediately after the work on our previous album, Anvil Is Anvil, had been completed,” he says. “So our thoughts instantly turned to the future again. After Anvil Is Anvil had been cut, everybody knew what we had just delivered and what Anvil’s future should sound like.” Despite the diverse range of their ideas, Kudlow, Reiner and their bassist Chris Robertson have succeeded in filling the typical trademarks of this unusual band with life once again – which is an important aspect for every Anvil release, after all tradition and reliability play an essential role in this group. Kudlow: “Of course we always allow inspirations from earlier recordings to seep in, but always with an emphasis on evolving the characteristic Anvil sound. Lots of fans keep asking us to play the way we did in the so-called good old days. That’s why I try from time to time to pick up on that exciting feel of our older material. Mind you, it’s always exclusively about the basic atmosphere of that time, never about copying an older song.”

(release date: January 19th, 2017)

01. Bitch In The Box
02. Ego
03. Doing What I Want
04. Smash Your Face
05. Pounding The Pavement
06. Rock That Shit
07. Let It Go
08. Nanook Of The North
09. Black Smoke
10. World Of Tomorrow
11. Warming Up
12. Don´t Tell Me (bonus track)


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