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Alpha Tiger "iDentity" CD

Alpha Tiger "iDentity" CD

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CD in jewel case.

The album is not only called iDENTITY, it also presents precisely that individual profile. A pretty courageous step to leave the – as Langforth calls it – “comfort zone” of positive fan reactions in favour of a stronger stylistic identity. On iDENTITY, Alpha Tiger succeed in blending those traditional patterns with a contemporary and topical sound without losing their vitality and dynamism.

(release date: January 16th, 2015)

01. Intro
02. Lady Liberty
03. Scripted Reality
04. Long Way Of Redemption
05. Identity
06. We Won`t Take It Anymore
07. Revolution In Progress
08. Closer Than Yesterday
09. Shut Up & Think
10. This World Will Burn
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