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Agent Fresco "Duo" LP-Bundle

Agent Fresco "Duo" LP-Bundle

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The bundle comes with the Agent Fresco "A Long Time Listening" LP and the "Destrier" LP.


The LP version comes with green vinyl - limited to 300 copies.

A Long Time Listening, originally released in 2010, caused disbelieving faces, breathless wonder and bottomless enthusiasm for a passionate musical display like this. Prog Rock, Avantgarde, Metal or Alternative? Jazz, Post Rock or even Djent? Even by the wide-open standards of Icelandic music Agent Fresco’s interpretation of the rock genre is unusually soulful and multi-layered, with a quicksilver rhythmic pulse and mother-of-pearl harmonies reflecting every mood colour imaginable.

(release date: November 20th, 2010)

01. Anemoi
02. He Is Listening
03. Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher
04. Silhouette Palette
05. Of Keen Gaze
06. Translations
07. A Long Time Listening
08. In The Dirtiest Deep Of Hope
09. Yellow Nights
10. Paused
11. Implosions
12. Almost A Whisper
13. Pianissimo
14. One Winter Sailing
15. Tiger Veil
16. Above These City Lights
17. Tempo


The LP version comes with white vinyl - limited to 500 copies.

Agent Fresco managed to maintain the musical variety of the debut album, but stretch it even further. Destrier is a journey through every guitar-driven genre developed before, with influences ranging from classical music to philosophy, from poetry to ancient myth, to create their very own brew of emotionally packed pieces.

(release date: August 7th, 2015)

01. Let Them See Us
02. Dark Water
03. Pyre
04. Destrier
05. Wait For Me
06. Howls
07. The Autumn Red
08. Citadel
09. See Hell
10. Let Fall The Curtain
11. Bemoan
12. Angst
13. Death Rattle
14. Mono No Aware


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