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AC Angry "Appetite For Erection" LP

AC Angry "Appetite For Erection" LP

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Limited white vinyl in gatefold + CD in paper sleeve.

There are albums with titles that leave little doubt about their musical direction. Appetite For Erection sounds like … well? ... you’ve got it: like pure rock ’n’ roll with an ass-kicking attitude and an irrepressible sense of humour. Classic rock music that’s fun and goes directly into your leg and neck muscles, with provocative lyrics which fully live up to the inherent mission of this musical genre. The self-appointed ambassadors of uncompromising and diverse power rock call themselves AC Angry, hail from Saarbrücken and are ready to present their second album on Steamhammer/SPV. Four musicians, one philosophy: kick ass! “We were absolutely happy with our debut Black Denim, but we knew we could do better and top it with our second release,” vocalist/guitarist Alan Costa reckons, obviously proud of the band’s latest achievement. “You can tell that we toured a lot in the past three years and the energy and experience from countless concerts have influenced our songwriting.” Appetite For Erection is scheduled for release on 25 November 2016, without doubt a red-letter day for all aficionados of handmade rock’n’roll!

(release date: November 25th, 2016)

01. I Hate AC Angry
02. 4TW
03. No Way To Go But Down
04. I Wanna Hurt Somebody
05. Appetite For Erection
06. Son Of A Motherfucker's Son
07. The Balls Are Back In Town
08. Take You Shake You Break You
09. Cry Idiot, Cry
10. Testosterone
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